Vernacular Rabbits

Black and white photo taken at Webster School in St. Louis, Missouri, sometime during the 1930s. The photo has visible scratches and damage. Features a large group of schoolchildren wearing bunny ears, participating in an Easter Egg roll and playing with rabbit figurines. Image courtesy of the Missouri History Museum.
Easter Egg Roll at Webster School, 1930s (Courtesy of the Missouri History Museum)

I never dream in black and white, so this would not be an image pulled out of one of my dreams, but I have definitely dreamed scenes that felt like this. Doesn’t it feel like this hallway is filled with 10,000 little kids in paper bunny ears, when it was probably more like 25? And that they are doing something more mystical than rolling Easter Eggs down a school hallway? And the only reason it feels that way because the lighting is murky and the photograph is damaged. It is a totally messed-up photo, but I can’t stop looking at it, even though it feels both mundane and mildly disturbing. This, ladies and gentleman, is evidence to the power of a badly archived vernacular photo!

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