As in: cancel. As in: starting from. As in: made from. As in: truce. As in: stop itching. As in: score mark. As in: strikeout. As in: animal claw. As in: “Scratch, Old; See Also: The Devil.” As in: the record stops. As in: no handicap. As in: some money. As in: some damage. As in: written. As in: drawn. As in: erased. As in: homemade. As in: nothing. As in: start over. As in: nothing lost. As in: nothing gained. As in: write it down. As in: cross it out. As in: eff this. As in: eff that. As in: reboot. As in: nothing to lose. As in: everything at stake. As in: “a block-like interface.” As in: to withdraw. As in: to start over on a very blank page.

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