Lately, I have been around many dogs. One of the dogs of new acquaintance is Piglet, who lived in many North City neighborhoods with his former human companion. He was known in those days as Man, which is kind of a wonderfully mind-bending name for a dog. Now Piglet, nee Man, lives with a nearby neighbor. And visits often. Piglet is yellow with a white chest and feet, and big googly yellow eyes. He always looks like he’s about to tell you something very outrageous, and has the largest teeth I have ever seen inside the head of a mammal. He also has the weirdest head-to-body ratio I have ever seen (Head: Huge!!) He loves curling his lips back to show you his giant teeth, not because he’s vicious, but because he’s a showoff. I am not a dog person, as a rule, but I am always happy to see Piglet. Maybe because Piglet is not 100 percent dog?

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