Stefene Russell is a journalist, editor, and poet (who sometimes does acting stuff). 

In her past life, she was St. Louis Magazine‘s culture editor as well as co-editor of 52nd City and Prinsesstårta literary magazines. In 2018, she was Laumeier Sculpture Park‘s poet in residence. She’s also a member of Poetry Scores, an arts collective dedicated to translating poetry into other media. 

Her chapbook, Inferna, was published in 2013 by Intagliata Imprints, with a cover by The Firecracker Press. The Possum Codex was published by Otis Nebula in the fall of 2015 (you can watch the book trailers here). In 2019, Spartan Press published 47 Incantatory Essays. Which are exactly what they sound like. 

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    • Thanks! It was pretty incredible. I really loved your work. It was more than worth the trip. Just wished, as I said, that I had been there earlier and had been able to stay through Monday. It was wrenching to have to leave so early on Sunday….I missed some poets I’d really been looking forward to hearing. But I think these connections are going to be long-lasting (huzzah!) so I am looking forward to hearing them read sometime in the (hopefully near) future.

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      • Aaaaaagreed.

        Also, Jessica Baran will be up here this weekend – she’s the guest curator for one of the shows the Charlotte Street Residency puts on – and she is putting together a book of the writers-in-residence. So I’m stoked to tell her I’m now a fan of yours!

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  1. OMG! Really??? I adore Jessica, and for two people who live in the same town, we see each other way too infrequently. Tell her hello for me. I’m so glad she is going to be in your neck of the woods, and that she will be curating an anthology! She’s so amazing. When I finally do see her back in STL, I will be reporting that the fandom is mutual. Ha! I’m blown over by all of these magical connections.

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  2. PS: Just to report a bit of nifty synchronicity: I saw J on Tuesday night! Just out of the blue. We didn’t get to talk long, but marveled over the coincidence, and agreed that you are a wonderful poet and human being. So I got my hello in to her. Anyway, cheers to the Charlotte Street show going extra swimmingly this weekend!

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