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St. Louis Magazine

St. Louis Brews: The History of Brewing in the Gateway City (2nd Ed., Reedy Press, 2015), by Henry Herbst, Donald Roussin, Kevin Kious and Stefene Russell

St. Louis Brews: The History of Brewing in the Gateway City features hundreds of historical images, a full chronology of the city’s long brewing history, fascinating profiles of more than 125 local breweries, and capsules on the craft, regional, and 19th-century breweries. Available again in its second edition, the book begins with St. Louis’ earliest brewing history-starting in 1809, the date of the city’s incorporation, when beer was sometimes cooled in dug-out canoes-and tells the story of how St. Louis came to be one of America’s foremost beer towns. That includes detailed backgrounds on St. Louis’ beer barons, including Adolphus Busch and Eberhard Anheuser, a look at the city’s golden age of brewing during the Belle Epoque, the impacts of Prohibition, and the InBev takeover of Anheuser-Busch in 2009. Finally, it gives the reader an up-to-the-moment look at the city’s astonishing craft brewing scene, which began to blossom in 2009 and is now attracting national attention. Everyone in St. Louis loves to drink beer; they may love to drink it all the more knowing the city’s rich backstory in beer and brewing.

Press for St. Louis Brews
When You Say Beer, You’ve Said it All in St. Louis,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 25, 2015
Sale of Anheuser-Busch Was ‘Win’ for St. Louis, Craft Beer Drinkers,” St. Louis Public Radio, August 4, 2015

Other Publications
“The St. Louis Arch Turns 50,” Public Art Review, Fall/Winter 2015.
Standing at the Gateway,” Public Art Review, Spring/Summer 2014.
The Curator: “Swn y Chwedlonol (The Legendary Sound)
Otis Nebula: “A Tour of Industry With the Holy Ghost
Gadfly Online: “Voice From the Whirlwind: Excerpts from the Book of Job
52nd City Archives
Pif Magazine Archives

The Possum Codex (Otis Nebula, 2015)
Inferna (Intagliata Press, 2013)
Go South for Animal Index (2007)
Naming the Monsters: On writing Go South
The Whys and Hows of scoring Go South
Some video excerpts of the Go South film adaptation, at The South Side of Luck blog

Poems at Otis Nebula
Poems at Locuspoint


Poetry Scores
Poetry Scores is a St. Louis-based nonprofit arts organization dedicated to translating poetry into other media, including music, visual art and film. Our projects include an annual musical poetry score; collaborations with artists in sister cities, which so far have included Istanbul, Hilo, and Los Angeles; an annual art invitational; and the George Malich Free Film Festival. Samples of projects can be found on SoundCloud; the latest project news can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

52nd City Magazine Kick-Ass Awards
The first Kick Ass Awards was held in January, 2004, in Austin, TX, and was founded by writer Spike Gillespie. It was adapted for St. Louis that fall by Thomas Crone and Stefene Russell. Over the next few years, KAA winning alumnae Andrea Avery, Brandyn Jones and Ann Haubrich have joined the core group of organizers for the event, which is held in interesting St. Louis venues every fall/early winter. Between 2005-08, the effort was part of the late culture and literature magazine 52nd City.

The Kick-Ass Awards are handed out each fall at a free, open-to-the-public event. The winners of our previous events are listed on the site, with a brief note given for why they were principally chosen that year, realizing that many of them have gone on to all types of different projects since.

Creative Exchange Lab
Old North St. Louis Restoration Group
New Music Circle

The Backward Swing (unreleased)
Plan 10 From Outer Space (1995; re-release March 2016)
Chloe’s Blanket (1998)
The Bunglers (2003)
Blind Cat Black (2007)
Delightful Water Universe (2008)
Go South for Animal Index (2013)
Welcome to the Rubber Room (2017)


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